About Us

From time to time, I ask myself how I became an internet wine merchant. It goes something like this:

1) Went to university and graduated with a Masters degree in Economics.

2) Worked in the financial services industry.

3) Started becoming interested in wine and commenced evening classes with the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET). Passed both the Intermediate, and Advanced, Certificates.

4) In the midst of a WSET Diploma lecture, began wondering about a career in the wine trade. Since remaining in my current industry until retirement age would not have left me fulfilled, I felt that I should follow my heart and take the plunge.

5) Passed the aforementioned qualification and joined the ranks of the wine trade’s poor-but-happy brigade.

6) A few years later, decided to set up my own website. Independently of this, friends of mine, Susan and Nick (of southafricawines.co.uk) decided that their paths were leading them in a slightly different direction. As a direct result, I took control of their parent company, Windsor Wines (est. 2002).

7) AG Wines was born. With this, I am hoping to build on the solid foundations provided by Susan and Nick, whose website was judged one of the Top 10 ‘Best Smaller Independents Specializing in Regions’ in Tom Stevenson’s highly regarded ‘Wine Report 2007’.

My aim is to provide great wines and good service at fair prices. I also hope that my site will be an interesting place to visit and that you will learn something along the way.

It would be somewhat remiss of me to neglect those who have supported me on this journey – a great deal of thanks goes to all of them.

Alan Gale