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Dominio de Pingus Psi 2017

Dominio de Pingus Psi 2017

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"The 2017 PSI shows a much more challenging year after the ideal 2016. They suffered from terrible frost, and the wine was only possible because of the old vines they work and their knowledge; they didn't have to be very ambitious and aimed for the best they could achieve. This wine was 100% produced in the new winery designed specifically for this wine, and they could do a sorting of the grapes from some 700 plots. Because of the frost, there is hardly any Garnacha, so it's almost pure Tempranillo. The wine is not as focused and precise as 2016, and it's also riper and a little more advance. It was a sunny and dry year after all, which, with the low yields, concentrated the wines. It's a good effort for the challenging year but not at the level of other vintages. 300,000 bottles produced. Drink: 2020-2025. 89 points

I had a calm and slow tasting of three vintages of the three wines produced by Peter Sisseck, giving the wines time in the glass to open up and express themselves. 2016, 2017 and 2018 are very different vintages. 2016 saw a good crop with lots of freshness, and the wines have great precision and elegance. 2017 was a dry and warm year marked by frost that made them lose between 25% and 40% of their grapes (they could buy other grapes to compensate the volume of PSI). And 2018 was a year with good rains in the winter, a classical year with high yields (the effect of the frost) and a warm summer that resulted in a very good year. The question is still up in the air if 2018 has the magic of a year like 2016 or not, but it's closer in style to 2016."

Luis Gutierrez, Wine Advocate (246)