Alonso & Pedrajo Suane Rioja Blanco Reserva 2018


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Alonso & Pedrajo (Javier Alonso, Alberto Pedrajo and their respective partners) are the new members of the Rioja’n’Roll group. In March 2022, they started building their own winery in Villalba de Rioja, where they have their main vineyard, La Cala, on a 4.8-hectare property where they have some old and new vines. They work mainly (70%) with grapes from the village, where they control some vineyards and the rest from Haro, Anguciana and Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón. They now produce around 25,000 bottles. They are also involved in the 220 Cántaras project (previously called Honorio Rubio).”

Luis Gutierrez, Wine Advocate (07/22)