Domaine de la Borde Cote de Caillot Chardonnay 2018


Sold Out

“After an extremely challenging 2017 Julien Mareschal was very happy with the 2018 vintage. “A healthy and abundant crop, I’d sign up to have that every year!” he said as I arrived at his functional winery in the village of Pupillin, which is next to his house and around he corner from Pierre Overnoy. He picked early, and the wines are surprisingly fresh. He even compared 2018 with 2016… We tasted some 2018s from barrel, and the whites felt more powerful than the 2016s and felt like they needed a little more time; some of them might stay in barrel for one more year, so I thought it was a bit premature to review them so early. But the Côte de Caillot was again my favorite—serious, mineral and tasty with the limestone soils clearly coming through even at this early stage, rich and more Burgundian.”

Luis Gutierrez, Wine Advocate (243)