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Franz Haas Schweizer Pinot Nero 2017


“Celebrating its 30th vintage, the Franz Haas 2017 Alto Adige Pinot Nero Schweizer is full of surprises, all of which happily defy any expectation of this difficult vintage. The wine is unexpectedly cool and minty in character, with tonic forest fruit, raspberry, spicy cedar, cola and some tangy rosemary essence. Silky and smooth in terms of mouthfeel, it shows less density or volume than one could have anticipated from the concentrated 2017 fruit. The results are soft and delicate throughout, making it a fine Pinot Nero for pheasant or wild turkey. Some 15,000 bottles were made. Drink: 2020-2028. 93 points

The Franz Haas winery farms an incredible latitude of vineyard elevations, starting at a low 220 meters above sea level, where the dark Lagrein grape is planted, and rising up to a nose-bleed 1,150 meters above sea level, where the Pinot Nero grape is cultivated. These are some of the highest vineyards in Italy. Those two extremes bring with them a myriad of climatic and geological attributes that are expertly harnessed by the winemaking team to enhance the personality of each variety. This winery openly states that the reason high-altitude vineyards were planted back in 2000 is because of climate change. Now, 20 years later, that choice is paying off, says Franz Haas Manager Andi Punter.”

Monica Larner, Wine Advocate (09/20)

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