Giulia Negri Barolo La Tartufaia 2018


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“Following a three-year conversion process, Giulia Negri (Serradenari) is now a certified organic winery. The vineyard team adopted Simonit & Sirch pruning methods for old Guyot vines that reduce infection spots and keep the vines in good health. A new winery construction project was set to start this year, but it has been postponed temporarily because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Unfortunately, high-altitude vineyards in La Morra are sometimes vulnerable to bad weather and hail. A violent storm in 2019 caused big damage, and 40% of the fruit was lost. Giulia Negri farms some of the highest vineyards in Barolo, planted at 450 to 536 meters above sea level. They boast sweeping views of the Italian Alps with clear air, breezes and light. But weather can sometimes be an issue.

Monica Larner, Wine Advocate (07/20)