Kelley Fox Mirabai Pinot Noir 2021


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“Anyone looking for Oregon Pinot Noir purity and transparent communication of terroir from the soil to the vine to the bottle must explore Kelley Fox Wines. When thinking about a vineyard, Fox looks beyond the soils, the exposures and the vines. She looks to the trees surrounding the vineyard, flora and fauna to create an honest wine, true to its source. In my opinion, the result is one of the most exciting portfolios of wines made in the United States. The vineyard bottling that first drew me in was Fox’s work with the legendary Maresh vineyard. As of 2021, the portfolio consists of Maresh Vineyard Liminal, Golden Crowned Sparrow Blocks and the Star of Bethlehem Flower Block (which unfortunately will not be made after 2021 as Fox lost access to this parcel). Each of these wines uniquely interprets the vineyard yet three different places. Exploring the range is fantastic for the wine geek in all of us. Fox also presented me with several 2022s, a vintage that played right into her hands. The ethereal fruit and perfume style beautifully matches the lifted and remarkably fresh vintage character. For the truly devoted, look for a bone-dry blueberry wine produced in tandem with Jim Anderson of Patricia Green Cellars. There may not be a note for this bottling, but I can tell you that it’s worth chasing down.”

Eric Guido, Vinous (01/24)