Le Pergole Torte and Montevertine Mixed Six


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Two bottles of Montevertine Le Pergole Torte 2018

“The 2018 Le Pergole Torte is dense, creamy and nuanced from the very first taste. Red/purplish berry fruit, spice, rose petal and a touch of new French oak all build as the Pergole Torte opens with aeration. As always, Pergole shows that extra touch of richness from the selection of fruit used here, with that added texture from French oak. As appealing as the 2018 is today, it is of course a very young wine that will need years to be at its very finest. Drinking window: 2028-2048. 96 points

Martino Manetti describes 2018 as a year that was not overly hot. Harvest took place from October 5-19. The key event in 2018 was a whopping 100mm of rain that fell in August, which shaped wines that are on the understated side, even by the house’s historical standards. Manetti adds that 2019 was warmer than 2018 at Montevertine, showing how general trends with these two vintages don’t always apply. As always, the wines are made in a pretty straightforward style. Primary and secondary fermentation are done in cement. Montevertine spends two years in cask, while Le Pergole Torte sees a year in French oak followed by a year in cask. These remain some of the most singular wines readers will come across in Chianti Classico, or anywhere, for that matter.”

Antonio Galloni, Vinous (09/21)

Two bottles of Montevertine 2018

“The 2018 Montevertine is fabulous. Bright and translucent in the glass, the 2018 is elegant and light on its feet like few, if any, vintages I can remember. Rose petal, mint, lavender and bright red/purplish berry fruit linger. The 2018 is one of the most refined, understated Montevertines ever. Silky, elegant and gracious, the 2018 is an absolute winner. Drinking window: 2026-2043. 95 points”

Antonio Galloni, Vinous (09/21)

One bottle of Montevertine Le Pergole Torte 2019

“The 2019 Le Pergole Torte is all class and refinement. At the same time, the 2019 is quite reticent at this stage. In this tasting, the Pergole Torte comes across as more refined and aromatically expressive than the Montevertine, with lovely brightness driving the red berry fruit. Elegant and sophisticated, the 2019 is a wine to treasure for the next several decades. Time in the glass brings out the floral upper register and red Sangiovese fruit of Pergole Torte. Drinking window: 2029-2049. 97 points

“Martino Manetti’s 2019s and 2020s are magnificent. The Montevertine, which has long lived in the shadows of Le Pergole Torte, is quite impressive in both vintages. Because Montevertine is aged exclusively in cask (while Pergole Torte sees a year of barrel and a year in cask), it exudes a feeling of classicism that is especially distinctive. In 2020, Montevertine includes a new parcel on the other side of Radda that seems to add greater richness and weight. Manetti describes 2019 as a year with a regular summer and no excesses. Harvest started on October 5 and lasted 15 days, while picking began about a week earlier in 2020. In tasting, the 2020s show more density and opulence than the 2019s, but both vintages are strong across the board.”

Antonio Galloni, Vinous (07/22)

One bottle of Montevertine 2019

“The 2019 Montevertine is absolutely gorgeous. Plush and silky, with terrific depth, the 2019 impresses with its exceptional balance. In most years, the tannins can be a bit fierce, but in 2019 they are surprisingly soft and caressing in relative terms. Once again, I am quite struck by the sheer richness in the 2019. Black cherry, plum, lavender, spice, tobacco and incense build in this decidedly potent Montevertine. This is an especially fine edition and a very serious wine. Impressive. In 2019, Montevertine will give Pergole Torte a run for its money. Drinking window: 2027-2044. 96 points”

Antonio Galloni, Vinous (07/22)