Michel Gaunoux Pommard Premier Cru Rugiens 2020


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“Time seems to stand still at Domaine Michel Gaunoux. A tasting at this small ten-hectare estate, headquartered off Pommard’s Place d’Eglise, is an encounter with red Burgundy as it used to be: firm, concentrated and uncompromisingly built for the long haul. Richly extracted and tight-knit in their youth, Gaunoux wines need time; and fortunately, the domaine accommodates their clientele’s impatience by retaining large stocks of the best vintages for release somewhat closer to full maturity. Whether because of that policy—which means this address is never included in current vintage reports—or the family’s sense of discretion, Domaine Michel Gaunoux also remains among the region’s best kept secrets for lovers of traditionally styled red Burgundy.”

William Kelley, Wine Advocate (239)