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The Sadie Family Columella 2015

The Sadie Family Columella 2015

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Eben Sadie's Comments

"The 2015 Columella is in many ways the coming together of an array of elements and a strong expression of our quest to produce a wine that will be as true to the region as possible, rather than one that expresses personal preferences.

This wine is a bit more inverted and austere and deeply earthed; and it speaks more of this place. The wine is “grounded” and it is only after a while in the glass that the perfume flavours with an underlying dark graphite edge start to take over the initial, very earthy flavours. The tannins of the wine are tightly coiled up and the wine honestly just needs time and patience. Columella 2015 has a very good overall equilibrium and good acidity.

From the 2010 harvest onwards the Columella wines need more time in their youth, or else decantation for at least 2 hours if opened prior to 5 years of age."