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The Sadie Family Palladius 2015

The Sadie Family Palladius 2015

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Eben Sadie's Comments

"This is the first vintage we released from the newly built Palladius fermentation cellar and is only made up from the components in the clay amphorae and the six concrete eggs. The major goal is to try and get the maximum volume of compact fruit and texture together with the best potential volume of acidity and freshness. Compared to many white wines, the Palladius is more phenolic and textured and best enjoyed with food. 

From the outset the 2015 just beamed complexity and the wine travels from very mineral and salty aromas to more of your bigger peach skin stone fruit aromas and finally tapers off into a cordial lime and quince edge. The fruit never shows any real aspects of full ripeness even though the grapes were picked at full ripeness. The ageing just preserves more of the fresher aspects and the wine finishes razor sharp on the palate. Age this wine, please. We know it is a white, but age it!"

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